Feb 11, 2019 - Silicon Valley praises US govt for reforms in H-1B visa program for skilled workers

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How to Set Goals That You Can Actually Complete - Ravi Shankar Rajan
Psychologist John Lee Dumas doesn't mince words when it comes to the idea of setting goals. Dumas says so many people see goal-setting as a roadblock: "They say, 'I don't know how to choose the goal I'm going to focus on because there are so many things and so many choices. How do I decide or know if I'm working on the RIGHT goal?'"
The key, he says, is to follow a process that helps define your goal in a concrete way and guides you toward taking the steps to make it a reality.

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Infosys spent ₹1,165 crore on acquisitions last financial year

During 2018-19, Infosys spent ₹1,165 crore to acquire majority stakes in three companies and is set to buy another company for ₹990 crore. According to the annual report of the company, Infosys acquir

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The Bengaluru techie who is helping Reddit users crack real-world crimes and mysteries

On a platform that is famous as a free-for-all, Naveen Cherian’s role as a moderator of the Reddit Bureau of Investigation is to enforce the ground rules.

L T buys 73,953 shares of Mindtree, hikes shareholding to 26.53%

After the latest transaction, L&T’s shareholding in Mindtree stands at 26.53 per cent. The latest stock purchase was made at Rs 979.99 apiece.

KaHa raises $6.2 million in Series B funding

KaHa, a Singapore-based IoT start-up for smart wearables, has raised $6.2 million in Series B funding to accelerate its growth in Asia.The funding round was led by ICT Fund, a specialised deep-tech ve

Why Sony's ‘cloud’ pact with rival Microsoft is a game-changer

When Sony unveiled a cloud gaming pact with archrival Microsoft, it surprised the industry.Perhaps no one was more shocked than employees of Sony’s PlayStation division, who have spent almost two deca

Collaborative driverless cars can speed up traffic by 35%

Researchers programmed a small fleet of miniature robotic cars to drive on a multi-lane track and observed how the traffic flow changed when one of the cars stopped.The Cambridge researchers adapted the cars with motion capture sensors and a Raspberry Pi, so that the cars could communicate via WiFi

The top 10 IT outsourcing service providers of the year

The top four outsourcers on Everest Group’s annual ranking of the top IT service providers has remained unchanged this year, with Accenture taking the top stop for the third year in a row. However, the real headliner may be the outsourcing market itself, which grew nearly 9% over the previous year in constant currency terms. [&hellip

TikTok to use humans and AI for content moderation, e..r users with safety tools says global policy director

Tik Tok will allow users to restrict the visibility of their uploaded content to followers only.

Ashok Leyland ready to ride on Elon Musk's India dream

Ashok Leyland is open to Elon Musk for a partnership to finally let Indians experience his path-breaking autonomous Tesla electric cars.Tesla was expected to enter India with the Model 3 that sells for nearly $35,000

10 VC Firms Betting Big On Deep-Tech Focused Startups In India

  The Indian analytics market led by acquisitions, investments and entrance of new startups in the market is growing exponentially. Owing to the positive outlook, with the analytics market estimated to reach $71.1 billion by 2022. Presently, intelligent automation and artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data are driving the Indian startup market, with the…

Poor salary hikes and fewer H1-Bs may force tech cos like Infosys roll out stock options

Infosys recently gave away 50 million shares as stock options, accounting to 1.15% of its total shares, to a large base of employees. This year, Infosys gave

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