Bollywood beckons Sony to open AI research labs in India

Company will hire local engineers to study applications in music and movies

Data is a new kind of capital: Oracle’s Senior Data Strategist

Oracle’s Senior Data Strategist Paul Sonderegger says Oracle recognise that data really is a new kind of capital, even though accounting rules may not allow for that in all cases and a vast majority o

How does Twitter work with brands?

Twitterati spring into action at the faintest whiff of any new development, forming a microcosm of people’s perceptions, right from the latest political and social discourse to say, opinions on new sh

Software Company Ebix’s Q3 Revenue Surges 14% to $147.2 Mn

US-based Ebix reported a 14% rise in revenue to $147.2 Mn in Q3 FY19 compared to $128.6 Mn in Q3 FY 18, majorly from insurance and EbixCash

Microsoft’s AI and research head Harry Shum to quit

Chief Technology Officer Kevin Scott to take over

Wipro, TCS, Infy employee? Your US visa chances slid this much in Trump rule

IT giant Wipro has seen the maximum rejection of its H-1B visa request in 2019.

IT services providers bet on getting smaller and shorter-duration deals

The average outsourcing contract deal size among Indian IT services vendors has come down to $17.2 million in the first half of this year, from $22.9 ..

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