Global IT companies told to assign value to brands

Industry trackers said currently there is no valuation mechanism for global technology companies in India. In most cases, a brand licensing agreement is undertaken for which the Indian arms pay a fee to the parent that software majors club under “management fees” or “consultancy fees”.

Tech companies dig in with AI resources to stay on top of virus

Artificial intelligence helps analyse outbreaks, develop cures, and even predict which animal viruses may mutate

Gmail introduces 'Search Chips' to help users find specific emails

Google’s Gmail has rolled out a new feature called “Search Chips” to help users find specific emails within a crowded inbox. Google mentioned in its G Suite app blog that searching in Gmail could be “

Myntra joins Microsoft Azure to accelerate digital transformation

Myntra has worked closely with Microsoft to migrate its platform to Azure for hyperscale and cost-effective computing.The tie-up is in line with hyperscale cloud providers like GCP and AWS partnering with e-tailers to establish their cloud presence

Google Acquires Cornerstone Technology For Enhancing Cloud Services

In an undisclosed deal price, Google on Wednesday acquired Cornerstone Technology to assist big organisations in migrating their mainframe workload. Today, companies are moving to the cloud, but some of the big companies partly depend on mainframe customers. Google, with Cornerstone, is planning to target mainframe customers from moving their workloads to its cloud. “Cornerstone…

Indian IT industry attracts more women, but many exit within first 5 years in the job

In 'Women in Science and Technology', Namrata Gupta explains how women in the Indian IT industry are victims of pay gap, career stagnation & other inequalities.

How To Stay On Top Of The Game With Cloud Knowledge

Cloud computing is the on-demand provision of computing resources, database storage, apps, and other IT services through the web with a subscription-based cost model. Businesses and individuals can run a virtual server on Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform that can be used for a variety of tasks, applications and services.  To succeed in the game,…

How machines vet millions of lines of coding after CGS developers sign off

US firm opens Hyderabad facility; to have 800 staff by year end

Going for the skill? Learn the TCS, Infosys way

Skilling is a particularly hot topic in India. The Nasscom estimates that a tenth of the users on skilling platforms globally are from India.

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